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The Lolu Akinwunmi Observatory Blog is a multi disciplinary blog set up by ‘Lolu Akinwunmi as social media and multi-disciplinary platform. It will essentially present and also express opinions on a wide range of subjects that cover socio-political, economic and good governance issues.

The blog is political but non-partisan, and is not affiliated with any political party or association in Nigeria or anywhere else. While it will often express views identified with many political opinions, it is not indicative of any membership or affiliation of any such group.

Lolu Akinwunmi’s Observatory is an extension of an earlier project known as PLAN, Promoting Leadership & Accountability in Nigeria, part of my deep commitment towards correcting the problems of leadership across all strata, and helping to build a strong foundation for the right leadership for Nigeria. PLAN was going to launch when I got a federal government appointment in 2010 as the APCON Chairman. I saw a potential conflict, and didn’t want to be accused of running with the hare and hunting with the fox. Plus I saw a big opportunity to serve first my profession and then Nigerians in the appointment, and so shelved PLAN until I was free of all encumbrances associated with the appointment.

This is not to say this blog will be combative or anti government. On the contrary, Lolu Akinwunmi’s Observatory will promote and closely associate and align with positive government ideas, plans, projects and all that promote the interests of Nigeria and Nigerians and seek to make this nation and its peoples heroes. We will employ other civilised methods and means of reaching out to governments and those in authority with a view to communicating our opinions, advice and whatever else will help them deliver good value to the people of Nigeria.

We have a basis for our strategic framework, and this is encapsulated in our Mission Statement. We are committed to promoting and supporting the best leadership ideals within all levels of governance and the private sector in Nigeria, offering PLAN as a reliable and trusted public advocacy platform with a single objective in mind: encouraging accountability and good governance and making Nigeria a better place for all Nigerians.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of promoting the culture of good leadership and accountability within all levels of governance in Nigeria.
 We will continually offer credible ideas and initiatives on our advocacy platform to engage leaders and players in all sectors of government and the private sector in such a way as to make them more responsible and accountable to Nigerians.
 We believe that working closely with responsible Nigerian leaders, individuals and groups, and offering the necessary support will ultimately produce an enduring culture of good governance, leadership and accountability for the benefit of Nigerians and Nigeria.

We will not be about these alone. We intend to run a blog site with something for nearly everyone. So we will feature news and current affairs fro home and abroad, sports (definitely a lot about Arsenal!), the professions, entertainment and even stuff for the spirit.

We will be slightly different in that we will allow others to also express own opinions within this platform; we will have guest columnists.

And for potential advertisers, we will offer a clean, sleaze-free and professional platform that understands the intricacies of brands, services and social advertising at rates that are very competitive.

We promise not to ever knowingly indulge in rumour mongering, name calling, bias, intemperate language and opinions. Above all, we intend to commit all our businesses adhering to the highest form of integrity and just conduct.


‘Lolu Akinwunmi

February, 2016