Posted by Head Editor on 24th June 2017


It is clear that once again the political class has predictably failed the nation. We are not surprised. Its a cyclical tragedy. They must be the only group in a seriously depressed Nigeria that is living buoyantly and increasing salaries and perquisites. While Nigerians are getting laid off at work, losing homes and businesses to greedy banks, our politicians are epitomised by one of them whose contribution towards the rehabilitation of Nigeria is tomfoolery in the sacred chambers of the Senate.

Normally and in the days of yore, the vibrant Nigerian media would have risen in a stout defence of the nation from this destruction. The Herbert Macaulays, Ziks, Awos, Allah des and too many to mention fought the Brits to a standstill. Post independence, these brave hearts handed over to a generation of equally fearless professional offsprings who carried on defending the people and the integrity of Nigeria. Those were the days our Sunday Times sold 600,000 copies every Sunday.

But today, the drop in circulation well matches the declined role of the media. Apart from a few who are still valiantly struggling, the rest are silent. Criminally silent. As for me, apart from what they buy for me at work, I no longer buy any Nigerian newspaper. It’s no longer a delight reading them. It would be unfair to contribute to their bottomline when I believe they are failing in a major role and responsibility. By the way the highest circulating paper does not do 70,000 a day today.

The other group that has sold out is the religious group; the clergy. We used to have fiery preachers who spoke and the governments quivered. Men who never visited any government house. Men of such pristine integrity. We recall people like Benson Idahosa and several bold ministers of the orthodox churches. Symbolic is Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie.. He speaks without fear or favour.

Today clergymen struggle to be invited to seats of government. Indeed the other day, one of them boasted that he had been invited to the Villa. Congratulations.They lead fake delegations to Israel with Presidents and government officials in tow to pray. To pray?? So prayers said in Nigeria are not answered? If prayers said in Nigeria do not get God’s attention, it is because they and their customers in politics have polluted the spiritual atmosphere by their ungodly behaviour. Ignorant ministers of the belly leading even more ignorant leaders of the people. And in return they have all been rewarded. Material and financial rewards. They have lost respect with men and with God.

But nature abhors vacuum. And God makes provisions ahead of men.

While the media and clergy have failed the people of this nation by this odious collaboration, God has raised a special army of media people and clergymen. Today doctors, lawyers, teachers, soldiers, admen, marketing people etc have become powerful writers and defenders of the nation. Today ordinary Christians and Muslims, not formally ordained have risen to the spiritual challenge and are doing what the professional journalists and clergy have failed to do. Their platform is the powerful social media. The space vacated by the professional media and the clergy has been occupied by this army of renaissance Nigerians.

Daily with uncommon boldness, these committed groups of new Nigerians are chastising the political class, governments, the system, the fraudulent etc. They have become the new gate keepers and their ranks are growing. They are the new conscience of a badly abused nation. They don’t have the money because they have not stolen. But they have the conscience and love for this nation. They are unrelenting.

I predict. A time is coming when votes will be cast not on account of lies from the political class. Not on account of the stolen monies they share during election times. But because good men and women have emerged. Ordinary Nigerians all. They will not have the billions. But they will dominate the social media and they will win. Mark my words. A new Nigeria will yet emerge where we will no longer suffer the ridicule and ignominy of generational misbehaviour by our leaders in politics, the media and the clergy.